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05 December 2014: Co-circulation of Hantaviruses in Poland

Previously, in an exploratory study of soricine shrews in central Poland, we reported the discovery of a novel hantavirus, designated Boginia virus (BOGV), in the Eurasian water shrew, as well as the detection of Seewis virus (SWSV) in the Eurasian common shrew. The overlapping geographic ranges of …

17 October 2014: Dengue Virus Assembly, prM Protein Cleavage and Entry

The precursor membrane (prM) protein of dengue virus (DENV) is present on the surface of immature virions. The role of nine highly conserved residues in the alpha-helical domain (MH) of the prM protein in DENV replication was investigated by alanine-substitution mutagenesis. Five mutants affected th…

02 October 2014: Dengue Virus Serotype Cross-Reactive Antibodies

The increased risk of severe dengue during repeat DENV infections appear to be due, at least in part, to the ability of pre-existing cross-reactive antibodies to form virus-antibody complexes and infect Fc-gamma receptor-bearing cells, known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). The antigens and …

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Recent Publications
International Journal of Molecular Science, 2015, Prediction of mature microRNA and Piwi-interacting RNA without a genome reference or precursors.
Menor MS, Baek K, Poisson G.

The discovery of novel microRNA (miRNA) and piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA) is an important task for the understanding of many biological processes. Most of the available miRNA and piRNA identification methods are dependent on the availability of the organism’s genome sequence and the quality of its an…

Frontiers in Microbiology, 2014, Triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 (TREM-1): a new player in antiviral immunity?
Roe K, Gibot S, Verma S.

The triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells (TREM) family of protein receptors is rapidly emerging as a critical regulator of a diverse array of cellular functions, including amplification of inflammation. Although the ligand(s) for TREM have not yet been fully identified, circumstantial evid…

Bulletin de l'Academie Veterinaire de France, 2014, Genetic diversity of Talpa europaea and Nova hantavirus (NVAV) in France.
Hugot J, Gu SH, Feliu C, Ventur J, Ribas A, Dormion J, Yanagihara R, Nicolas V.

Nova hantavirus (NVAV) was first identified in a single European mole (Talpa europaea), captured in Hungary. Analysis of lung tissues from 94 moles captured in France revealed NVAV in 50%. Based on the genetic diversity of the cytochrome b mtDNA, moles collected in Poitiers and Bordeaux were more cl…

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Seminars & Events
16 March 2015, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Richard Neher, Ph.D.

RNA Virus Evolution: Tracing Quasi-species of HIV-1 and Predicting Influenza Viruses

28 January 2015, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Richard T. Mahoney, Ph.D.

Introduction of Dengue Vaccines

21 January 2015, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Anna Babakhanyan, Ph.D.

The Influence of HIV on Immunity to Malaria in Cameroonian Women and Neonates

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03 February 2015, 9:30 AM
Bela Desai, Ph.D.

Principles of Flow Cytometry and Applications

15 March 2013, 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Robert Bowers, Ph. D.

Using QIIME for Microbial Community Analysis

13 November 2012, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Pawel Michalak, Ph.D.


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Recent Grants
NIH/NIAID, R21AI109449 Immunity to Placental Malaria: Persistence of Antibodies to VAR2CSA
12/19/2014 - 11/30/2016
NIH/NIAID, R01AI110769 Mature Virus-like Particles as a New Strategy for Dengue Virus Vaccines
04/01/2014 - 03/31/2019
NIH/NIAID, R21AI105286 Defining Immunity to Placental Malaria using a Multi-assay Predictive Model
03/01/2014 - 02/28/2016
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