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Leveraging of Small Grants Program Funding

23 August 2016


Support from the COBRE Small Grants Program to two investigators has been successfully leveraged into NIH awards.

1R21NS099838-01 (Mukesh Kumar, Ph.D.)
Defining the Function of Schlafen4 in the Pathogenesis of Flavivirus Encephalitis
Members of the Flavivirus genus are leading causes of epidemic encephalitis worldwide and continue to spread globally. There is no approved antiviral therapeutic agent available for treatment of flavivirus infections. This study will investigate the function of Schlafen4 in West Nile virus and Japanese encephalitis virus replication and pathogenesis, using novel mouse models. Results from our study will delineate a new antiviral pathway and identify a novel host antiviral target for treatment of flavivirus encephalitis.

1R21ES027230-01 (Angel Yanagihara, Ph.D.)
Pathogenesis of Life Threatening Box Jellyfish Envenomation and Irukandji Syndrome
Box jellyfish stings pose a public health threat in tropical and subtropical coastal areas. Irukandji syndrome is a complex, potentially life-threatening clinical sequelae of box jellyfish envenomation. The proposed exploratory research will clarify the role of the jellyfish pore-forming protein (or porin) in Irukandji syndrome. This improved understanding will guide the development of more effective treatments.